Dr. Leslie J. Blackwell - Artistic Director
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Kennesaw State University Community & Alumni Choir
Kennesaw, Georgia

This is the product of the dedication of over 60 talented musicians and the desire to share the love of music with the Kennesaw State University community and beyond. Originally envisioned to be a small group of singing musicians, the choir has blossomed into many times more, not only in numbers, but in enthusiasm. Thanks to the commitment of our director, Dr. Leslie J. Blackwell, the committee that formed and administers our choir, and the generous members who contribute their time and talent, we look forward to many more great performances together.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our rapidly growing choir, we would love to have you. Click on the Join Us link to learn more about us and when we rehearse. Membership is open to anyone wishing to share the love of choral music with the community and each other.

KSUCAC Spring 2009

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The KSUCAC is an all-volunteer choir that rehearses and performs in Kennesaw, GA.
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